Softlabs Technologies is your reliable solution provider in the area ranging from custom software engineering, radio-telecommunication electronic to specialized equipment. We provide solution which based on best of the components and integrate them to give our client best value for money.

By employing the best technology, good methodology and sound know-how and backed by long list of proven track record we are currently offering solutions to our customer in the following area:

Software Engineering

Custom Software Development
Geo-Spatial and Mapping System
Database Applications and Management
Simulation and Data Analysis
Website Development
Data and Application Integration

Telecommunication Electronic

Integrated Communication Control and Switching
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Computer Networking
Simulator and Training System
Control and Monitoring System
Cable Harness Assemblies
3D Modelling

Specialized Equipment and Custom Fabrication

Optical & Fire Control Accessories
Hypo and Hyperbaric Chamber
Specialized System & Equipment
Test Instrument
General Equipment
Custom Mechanical Fabrication


Softlabs Technologies have started out in 1995 as software development company providing custom-made systems solution for local market and gradually expanded into electronic and telecommunication engineering sector as software and electronic became inseparable.

Application Development

Softlabs offers comprehensive application development ranging from consultation, design, development, to delivery and upkeep of delivered solution. We have all the necessary expertise in whole product development lifecycle.

Our software engineers will talk to our customers to understand their needs and quickly conduct preliminary analysis. We analyze your problem and design solution based on defined business logic, structure, process, functionality and multiple scenarios. With existing working template from past project fast prototyping can be done and users job in verifying and modifying the final solution is made easier.

Later in the product life-cycle, we would continue improving the solution and provide upgrade on our solutions. We would quickly adapt to new technology but only in a way that if it improve performance, cost-effectiveness and not risking reliability of the software.

Simulation and Training

Softlabs Technologies have the expertise on simulation in training.

Softlabs Technologies have successfully customised, managed and supported many types of simulation system. Softlabs Technologies have successfully delivered and supporting constructive operational and tactical level simulation system for many years, and currently expanding into Small firearm and life fire Simulation.

With simulation technology, clients can reduce cost of training substantially and while at the same time improving the knowledge and skill of the leaders, commanders and subordinates in an organisation.

Engineering Design & Modeling

The core capability of our engineering team is design and modelling. With the knowledge been gathered over the years we have been able to provide custom electronic design and modelling. This include solution components from platform, electronic, software, hardware and mechanical components.

We this culture that emphasize on ‘design for production’ ensures the most efficient and cost-effective solutions in all our well-managed projects.

Radio Telecommunication

Softlabs is a local provider of reliable and secure communication radio relay system in band 4 and band 3+ that could provides up to 100 Mbit/s IP and TDM with multiple ECCM/EPM methods to ensure communication in harsh environments. The radio could be mounted on top of the mast close to the antenna without indoor unit or the radio is indoor with only antenna mounted on the mast. The radio can be connected directly to an IP router/switch via an Ethernet cable or fiber optic up to 1km distance. The radio is fully configured and managed remotely through the Communication Management System (CMS).

Integrated Communication & Control and Switching System

Softlabs is also a local provider of Naval Integrated Communication Control System which provide control and continuos monitoring of both external and internal communications which include Satellite, HF, VHF and UHF radio subsystem, local PABX, voice terminals and local ship telephone system.

Vehicle Intercom System

Softlabs also have the expertise to undertake design, integration, installation and maintenance of vehicle inter-communication system which is meant to provide internal voice communication amongst the crew of an armoured vehicle or fast patrol boat and external communication with higher or lower echelons through connected radio equipment in the vehicle. The system features voice and data communication with the outside of the vehicle as well as to an internal local area network (LAN). The system can support up to 9 users and connect up to 4 radios (voice and data). The system is compatible with radio equipment from all major suppliers, supporting radio features such as voice services, data services and remote control (whenever available). The operational scenario customisable according to user needs by a software configuration tool running on a laptop.

Field Telephone Switching System

Softlabs also have the expertise to undertake maintenance and support field telephone system which is meant to provide field voice communication and integrated to external communication with higher or lower echelons through connected radio equipment to the switchboard. Through TDM connection or Eurocom Interface, the system is able to allow 30 simultaneous calls across a single the radio relay link. The system could also support data communication within and with outside of the formation. Operational scenario customisable according to user needs easily by a software configuration tool running on a laptop.

Hyper and Hypo-baric Chamber

Softlabs Technologies have successfully delivered Hyperbaric chambers fabricated by Hyperbaric Health Australia to three Malaysian Armed Forces hospitals. First delivered was 10 men hyperbaric chamber and one portable chamber for Mersing Camp Hospital in 2006. Softlabs Technologies have successfully delivered second hyperbaric chambers to Hospital Sultan Mizan in Wangsa Maju Kuala Lumpur in 2008. Recently Softlabs Technologies have successfully delivered third hyperbaric chambers to 94 hospital in Terendak Camp, Malacca in 2009.

Electronic Assembly

Softlabs also have sufficient facilities and space to undertake electronic assembly, mechanical fabrication and training. We provide workshop and production facility with stock, parts and equipment for the new job, current contractual obligation or delivered system equipment that supposed to run many years.

In our workshop, we complete jobs of all sizes and complexity. Solutions for clients needs are meticulously specified, detailed out and designed. These designs, drawings and specifications will allow production planning, correct cost estimation, material sourcing and required standard and quality testing. All these should be handy at Softlabs.

Custom Mechanical Design and Fabrication

Although Softlabs is mainly dealing with systems and electronics, there are times our solutions would require some mechanical work and some special fabrication like platforms, mountings, components, electronic housings, pcb, painting etc that not readily available off the shelf. We also sometime require that certain mechanical and housing part to be able to withstand certain criteria which require custom fabrication.

Some old electronic and component that part of legacy system under obligation would also require small custom production. For this Softlabs are willing to go at great length of having to invest in working space, storage and equipment to undertake metal and semi-hazardous work. Our engineers are capable of designing, prototyping and transferring production.

Technical Support & Troubleshooting

We do place a special emphasis on after-sales support. We will have engineer attending to problems via phone call, online or on site depending on the classification level of the reported problems. We believe in right person for the right job and the right expertise for the right problem. From helpdesk support to engineers, our highly trained experts will go through a fault-finding routine to resolve the issue, examining each of the potential causes of the problem in turn until they have diagnosed it. Issues often include software, firmware, hardware, internal cabling, connectivity, configuration issues, equipment faults as well as staff or user competency issue.

Softlabs have the workforce, skills, expertise, and tools necessary to analyse and solve even seemingly intricate problems from the small parts of electronic to complex systems integration. Our engineering analysis services focus on cost-effective solutions that avoid compromises in quality. We always go for fail safe measure at design stage to ensure system meets or exceeds functionality, safety and regulatory requirements.


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